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Block Reconditioning

Block reconditioning is an imperative process that aims to restore used engine blocks to their original factory standards or even surpass them. This process entails a series of meticulous steps that are executed with precision and attention to detail.

Rust, scales, or deposits that accumulate over time are removed by means of a thorough cleaning process. Scratches and damages are then eliminated by honing the block surface to expose a layer of fresh metal. Moreover, the cylinder bores and crankshaft bearing surfaces are checked and machined to ensure the proper fit with the new components.

The deck surface is also meticulously machined to ensure flatness. Block reconditioning yields an engine block that not only looks brand-new but also performs like it. Without a doubt, this process is applicable to a variety of engine types, including gasoline and diesel engines.

As an added advantage, block reconditioning is typically more cost-effective than purchasing a spanking new engine block.